Scientific Team

Scientific Team

Tiamour Langaee, MSPH, Ph.D.

Since 2002, he has been a reviewer and on the editorial board for many peer reviewed journals in the areas of pharmacology and microbiology and a postdoctoral advisor and committee member. Prior to joining the faculty at UF, he completed three years of post-doctoral fellowship in Immunology and Molecular Biology, and Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Montreal. While there he worked on developing an HIV vaccine.

Dr. Langaee is a member of the American Society of Human Genetics, American Society for the Advancement of Science, and the American Society for Microbiology. Read Full Bio Here.

Dr. Alberto Riva

Dr. Riva’s expertise in biomedical informatics makes him a perfect fit for the Pharmazam team. His technical skills include software and database development, big data analysis and statistics, and high-performance computing. He also has extensive experience in bioinformatics, that deal with genomics, transcriptomics, and medical informatics. Processing the amount of data that comes from genome sequences requires geneticists to work with computer scientists, such as Dr. Riva, whose technical skills span a wide-range of computational techniques. Read Full Bio Here.

Dr. David Hirschauer

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Hirschauer has specialized in overseeing advanced testing for patients with weight and hormone issues and reviewed over 60,000 patient test results. Recently, Dr. Hirschauer has focused on pharmacogenetics with the goal of providing a successful way to make it safe and available to everyone.

Since 1995, Dr. Hirschauer has been instrumental in helping patients at The Bonati Institute find relief from pain. As Director of the Pain Management Department, he is responsible for assisting Dr. Bonati in determining pain-alleviating methods and treatments for each patient. Read Full Bio Here.

Dr. Larry M. Perich

Dr. Perich is a board certified ophthalmic surgeon and a noted expert in no-stitch cataract surgery, multi-focal intraocular lens implants and cosmetic laser procedures. Dr. Perich is a pioneer in his field and assisted the 3-M Company in developing one of the first Multi-Focal Lenses for cataract surgery. His surgical skills and innovative procedures have been featured in many industry publications and on CNN International and WFLA television.

In addition to his extensive medical accomplishments, Dr. Perich has a wide range of business and management experience. He founded and created two Ambulatory Surgery Centers in Florida, which are among the most utilized surgery facilities in the state. Read Full Bio Here.

Nellie Morris, Doctor of Pharmacy

Pharmazam’s core business is about pairing the patient’s needs with the right pharmaceuticals. Having Nellie Morris (Pharm. D.) on our team of physicians provides a highly-credible backbone for our core business. Her extensive clinical and practical pharmacy experience brings a wealth of knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry, as well as innovative medications and therapies that are revolutionizing health care.

Early in her career, Dr. Morris participated in clinical research at the University of Florida, where she focused on pharmacogenetics. At that time, it was an emerging and innovative area of health care. Since then, she earned her Doctorate of Pharmacy at U of F and is a licensed pharmacist, able to directly care for patients. She represents the trust and knowledge everyone has in their local pharmacist. Read Full Bio Here.

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