How it Works:

The Pharmazam physician ordered personalized medication and healthcare management system works for everyone at any age for all prescribed drugs and most over-the-counter medications.

The Pharmazam system automatically helps to enhance your quality of life

The Pharmazam system automatically helps to enhance your quality of life by providing real-time information on more than 130,000 medications and how they could react to any potential current drug to drug, drug to illness, drug to allergy, drug to food, and drug to gene reactions based on your specific health profile and genetic makeup.

Prior to taking a new medication you simply scan the product barcode or enter the name into the app and it instantly analyzes it by accessing multiple leading and proprietary databases, and then it compares the results to your specific health profile.

The result is a real-time Pharmazam report indicating how your current health profile of medications, medical history, allergies and lifestyle may interact with your DNA. You can easily share this report with your physician so that your care team can make the absolute best prescribing decisions. Our system also works on over-the-counter medications by easily scanning the barcode so that your pharmacist can answer any questions prior to purchasing a medication that might not be the best match or might not even work for you at all.

As you add new or existing prescribed and OTC medications to your health profile, the Pharmazam App evaluates these inputs to alert you of any potential negative effects or adverse reactions.

Step 1 - Request the test and download and setup the APP

Step 2 - Get the FDA Cleared collection kit, follow the instructions and send it back to Pharmazam.

Step 3 - The Pharmazam physicians order the test from the lab.

Step 4 - When Pharmazam receives the results, our medical department will review them and automatically upload your genetic results to your personal healthcare profile in your App.

Step 5 - Let the system provide information to make sure you get the correct prescribed and over-the-counter medications.

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Pharmazam is a medically licensed preventative healthcare company and our testing is ordered by a Pharmazam Physician and sent to and completed by an accredited licensed 3rd party lab that is CLIA and CAP approved. The results are then reviewed by our medical department prior to release and each one of our customers are Patients of Pharmazam. Our Pharmazam medically licensed support department works with our patients and their healthcare providers to provide the most accurate information so that the patient’s treating physicians can make the absolute best real-time healthcare decision for each patient. Pharmazam is a non-diagnostic medical company, we do not diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe medications to our patients. All patient information is covered under HIPAA and all federal and state laws, guidelines and regulations apply.