FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the Pharmazam System

Q: What is Pharmazam™?
A: Pharmazam is a real-time personal healthcare system that includes an advanced genetic test that is physician ordered. Pharmazam generates real-time patient-specific reports focused on Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs), Drug to Gene, Drug to Illness, Drug to Known Allergy, Drug to Food, and Drug to Lifestyle issues. A Pharmazam report can assist healthcare professionals in prescribing appropriate dosages and drugs for their patients.

Q: Do I need a prescription to get the Pharmazam test?
A: Yes. Pharmazam is a licensed non-diagnostic preventative healthcare company that has medical directors that write the prescription for patients looking to get the test sent to their home. Or you can go through your doctor and have the test done at their office.

Q: What platforms does Pharmazam run on?
A: Pharmazam runs on Apple and Android operating systems as well as on the internet using our web application. The App can be downloaded in the App Store or at Google Play as well as by registering at pharmazam.com.

Q: Is Pharmazam patented?
A: Pharmazam has several different Patents Pending, Trade Secretes, Proprietary Databases, and other protected information.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Go to Pharmazam.com and order one of our FDA cleared collection kits and then download the App and set it up. You can also request additional information from our website by calling 888.972.9331 to speak with one of our Pharmazam healthcare experts.

Q: How much storage do I need on my phone to download the App?
A: Depending on your operating system, the App takes up less than 25 MB on your phone or tablet.
Q: Can I use Pharmazam to monitor other people?
A: Yes. Pharmazam comes with built-in family sharing that allows you to help monitor and manage anyone else's medications once permission is provided.

Q: Why should I be tested?
A: To save money, increase your quality of health, and maybe even save your life.

Over 38% of all medications a person takes DO NOT work at all and over 260 people die each day from medication issues. Medication sensitivity testing is the cornerstone of personalized medicine. Determining how well you metabolize medication raises chances of a positive outcome and reduces possible adverse drug to drug interactions.

Personalized medicine conveys a blueprint to how your body's unique molecular characteristics and distinctions allow it to process medication. Your physician will have the data necessary to custom tailor a medication management protocol whereby the current/future adjustments and medication alternatives best for you may be selected.

Q: Who should be tested?
A: Newborns and Elderly
Anyone Using More Than One Medication
Anyone Using More Than One Pharmacy
Anyone Not Responding to Medications
Anyone About to Have or Who Has Recently Had Surgery
Anyone Taking Cardiovascular, Pain, Anti-depressant, or Other Medications Metabolized by the Liver
Anyone Known to Have Experienced Adverse Drug Reactions
Anyone to Have Known Allergies or a Family History of Allergies
Anyone Concerned About Medicinal Errors
Anyone Pregnant or Who Has Other Specific Lifestyle Issues
Anyone Who Wants to Increase the Level of Their Overall Health

Q: Do you have solutions for larger organizations?
A: Yes. We offer several different types of enterprise-wide solutions, contact Pharmazam to learn more.
Q: What is PGx testing?
A: Pharmacogenetics testing (PGx), also called DNA Drug Sensitivity Testing, is the testing of certain genes to determine how individuals are going to react to specific medications. The test results help to determine which medications will work, won't work, and could possibly even kill you. It also helps to decrease the need for “trial and error” dosing and can reduce the risk of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs).

PGx testing provides predictive information about a patient's ability to metabolize certain medications and what effect that medication has on a patient, enabling optimal medication choice and dosing. This can provide a unique and personalized treatment strategy, shorten the time needed to find an effective medication, and reduce the risk for adverse drug reactions. With a simple buccal swab test from the inside of your cheek, we can determine your ability to metabolize certain drugs.

Q: How does the test work?
A: The test is a non-invasive simple buccal swab taken from gently rubbing the inside of your mouth that can be taken at your physician's office or at home using our FDA cleared collection device. Once the sample is collected it is shipped back in the postage-paid package and then sent to the lab for genetic processing.

Q: What will the results tell me about my DNA?
A: The pharmacogenomics (PGx) test results will help your physician to prescribe drugs that will provide the most benefit for you while reducing the risk of adverse drug reactions. Since your genes do not change, the test only needs to be performed once in your lifetime. The app is automatically updated as new research on specific genes and variants becomes available.

Q: Will I be able to read and understand the results?
A: Yes. All test results are provided in a simple, concise, report. However, all reports should be reviewed by your prescribing physician, pharmacist, or other healthcare providers prior to any medication changes.

Q: Does Pharmazam work if I do not get the PGx test?
A: Yes. All the other healthcare and medication management tools which include Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs), Drug to Illness, Drug to Allergy, Drug to Food, and Drug to Lifestyle issues will work upon setup without the genetic test. If there are any issues with your existing medications, you will be immediately alerted and can send a report directly to your doctor. The genetic test results can then be added at any time.
Q: Can my physician or I speak to a Pharmazam's medical professionals?
A: Yes. Contact Pharmazam to schedule a call with our medical department.

Q: Do I have to see a doctor to get tested?
A: No. You do not need to see a doctor to order the test because one of our Pharmazam physicians will order it for you. We use the same CLIA certified and regulated labs as hospitals and physicians and when we get the results back your test results are reviewed by our medical staff prior to sending them to you.

Q: Will a Doctor review my results?
A: All tests are ordered by our physicians and results will be reviewed by Pharmazam's licensed medical professionals. However, all results should also be reviewed by your prescribing doctor prior to any medication changes. In the event you have a question you can contact one of our medical professionals or even schedule a call with one of our physicians.

Q: Will I be able to read and understand the results?
A: Yes. All test results are provided in a simple, concise, report. However, all reports should be reviewed by your prescribing physician, pharmacist, or other healthcare providers prior to any medication changes.

Q: Will I be able to consult with a medical professional about the results?
A: Yes. You or your physician may contact Pharmazam via email or by phone and speak with one of our licensed medical professionals or request to schedule a call with one of the Pharmazam physicians. Pharmazam is a licensed medical company however we do not prescribe medications, diagnose illnesses or diseases or treat any illness or disease. All of our services are designed to instantly provide the most accurate and up to date medication and healthcare information based on your personal healthcare file so that your healthcare provider can make the absolute best possible decision based on the most accurate information.

Q: Can I have my reports sent directly to my doctor?
A: Pharmazam provides a convenient and easy to use system allowing you to access your reports on our mobile application or secure website allowing you to easily show or email your physician a detailed specific medication report.
Q: Does Pharmazam work on prescribed and over-the-counter medications?
A: Yes. Pharmazam works on all prescribed medications and most over-the-counter medications.

Q: How do I enter my medications into Pharmazam?
A: You can choose your meds from our pre-populated list, by entering the NDC number, or by using the Pharmazam App's barcode scanner to scan the medication's barcode.

Q: Can I send my medication list to my physicians?
A: Yes. You can easily email your medication list to all your physicians and it will include any known illnesses, allergies, known medication issues, and other personal healthcare issues that they should know about.

Q: Aren't prescribed medications already safe and effective?
A: Yes, but the safeguards in place for managing medications do not always take into account a mix of prescriptions from a variety of healthcare providers, as well as your over-the-counter medicines and wellness supplements. The Pharmazam app can be a useful tool to help you take control of the management of your health by analyzing your current drugs against several factors such as Drug to Drug, Drug to Illness, Drug to Allergy, Drug to Food, and Drug to Lifestyle factors.

Q: Should I continue to take my medications before testing?
A: YES! You should always take any medications that are prescribed by a doctor and never change a prescribed medication treatment without your physician's approval.
Q: How do I know if you received my kit after I sent it back to you?
A: The Pharmazam team will follow up with an email or call.

Q: How will I get my results?
A: After sending in your DNA sample in our FDA cleared at-home collection kit, it will be sent to a CLIA certified lab, then sent back to our medical department to review the results. If there are any critical issues, they will contact you, and if not, your results are automatically linked to your healthcare record within the app.

Q: When will I get my results?
A: Once we receive your DNA sample, it will take (4-6) weeks to complete the testing process.

Q: Are the results confidential?
A: Yes. We are a licensed medical company and respect your privacy and maintain strict confidentiality; our HIPAA compliant system helps to secure and establish the highest level of confidentiality and security. Pharmazam gives you the power to organize and decide who you send your medication information to and who sees your reports. If you have a question you can contact someone in our medical department, and they will be happy to assist you.

Q: Are the test results accurate?
A: All testing is done on leading genetic equipment with a 99% accuracy rate by leading CLIA certified national laboratories that are fully accredited and licensed at the state and national level. This allows for the greatest accuracy within the parameters and limitations of current technology.

Pharmazam is integrated into some of the world's leading healthcare databases which are updated weekly and include any new medications, new scientific information, any medication healthcare updates, and any new updates or changes on current medications. Pharmazam also has its own proprietary databases that provides PharmD recommendations, banned sports substances, medications that should not be taken prior to operating a plane.

Q: What happens if new medical information is uncovered or new medications are released?
A: If a new healthcare procedure or medication is approved that would be a better fit for you based on your personalized healthcare record you will receive a notice that you can review with your healthcare provider.
Q: What about my privacy?
A: The privacy of all patients is protected under United States HIPAA laws. Federal law prohibits the release of patient records to unauthorized entities or individuals. In 2008, President Bush signed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) that protects Americans against discrimination based on their genetic information when it comes to health insurance and employment.

Q: How secure is Pharmazam?
A: Pharmazam is designed to be completely secure and confidential and is completely HIPAA compliant. All data transmitted to and from the server are encrypted using the most advanced security technology.

Q: What happens to my genetic data after the test is complete?
A: We sent you a link to connect all medically accurate and proven healthcare information to your app. Since we collect so much genetic healthcare data only 12% of it is currently medically relevant however as medical science evolves and new discoveries are made the new information will automatically be added to your app which means that your app will continue to become more personalized and powerful as time goes on.
Q: Is there an initial cost for Pharmazam?
A: No, the Pharmazam App is free. You can download the App or register online at Pharmazam.com to use the basic functions of the Pharmazam health system.

If you want to get the full benefits of the DNA Test, you will need to purchase our PGx test.

Q: How much does the test cost?
A: There are two price plans for the Pharmazam test.

The first is the standard test which will analyze your DNA and produce a comprehensive report that can be read in the Pharmazam app. The app can then deliver real time information to the palm of your hand when you are considering changing or adding medications to an existing prescription.

The second is an advanced test that incorporates communication with your doctor and enables them to review with you all aspects of your medication management.

The standard test is $499 and the advanced Pharmazam MD test is $999.

Q: How can Pharmazam save me time and money?
A: By using information about your genetic makeup, doctors may be able to avoid the trial-and-error approach of giving you various drugs that are not likely to work for you until they find the right one. Using pharmacogenomics, the "best-fit" drug for you can be chosen from the beginning and helps to eliminate dangerous medication issues. Trial and error prescribing is not just an additional cost for medication but for additional physician visits, missed time at work, and all the other costs associated with the extension of your negative health issue. As Pharmazam relates to over the counter drugs, you just scan the barcode and it will tell you if it is a good match or not, and then you can show the information to the pharmacist to help make sure you get the absolute best drug available.

Q: Is my order refundable?
A: No. All orders are non-refundable.

Q: Why are the tests offered here so much lower in price than at the actual laboratory or doctor's office?
A: As a high-volume testing provider, we can offer these tests at a reduced rate to the general public.

Q: Will insurance cover the cost?
A: No, We do not accept insurance coverage for the test, so our testing is considered a self-pay healthcare service. However, some insurance companies might apply the price of this test to your deductible or reimburse you for the cost.

Q: Can I use my Health Saving Account (HSA) to pay for the test?
A: In most cases, yes. We encourage you to check with your insurance company to ensure coverage before making any healthcare purchases.

Patent Pending

Pharmazam is a medically licensed preventative healthcare company and our testing is ordered by a Pharmazam Physician and sent to and completed by an accredited licensed 3rd party lab that is CLIA and CAP approved. The results are then reviewed by our medical department prior to release and each one of our customers are Patients of Pharmazam. Our Pharmazam medically licensed support department works with our patients and their healthcare providers to provide the most accurate information so that the patient’s treating physicians can make the absolute best real-time healthcare decision for each patient. Pharmazam is a non-diagnostic medical company, we do not diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe medications to our patients. All patient information is covered under HIPAA and all federal and state laws, guidelines and regulations apply.