About Us
Here’s how and why Pharmazam is making medicine simpler, safer and more effective.

“What Started as Just a Simple Idea Became a Life-Saving Technological Breakthrough.”

Years ago when PGx testing was first introduced, our team loved the science behind it and the lifesaving information the test produced. However, the result reports were long and difficult to interpret, which made it almost impossible to use prior to any new medications being prescribed. Doctors lack the time to compare new drugs to long complicated reports and patients lack the knowledge to know how to research the information on their own. PGx has the ability to provide lifesaving information and drastically increase the quality of healthcare.

We recruited highly trained programming masterminds to create an application that’s second to none.

We analyzed all the information, searched for the best global healthcare databases, became experts in the test, and found the quality partners with whom to work. In the end, after thousands of hours and lots of caffeine, Pharmazam was born and is the perfect tool to help successfully match medications specifically to a person's genetic makeup and other existing health conditions.

“The Best Part is That Anyone Can Share in Our Success Through Better & Safer Medicine.”

But we did not stop there; we went far and above just helping with PGx test results and created a complete medication management system that tracked all aspects of how a medication might interact with a patient. Drug to gene, drug to drug, drug to allergy, drug to disease, and drug to lifestyle, we addressed it all and turned a very complex and time consuming process into a simple real-time report so that the best prescribing decisions can be made by the physician before the drug is prescribed.

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Pharmazam is a medically licensed preventative healthcare company and our testing is ordered by a Pharmazam Physician and sent to and completed by an accredited licensed 3rd party lab that is CLIA and CAP approved. The results are then reviewed by our medical department prior to release and each one of our customers are Patients of Pharmazam. Our Pharmazam medically licensed support department works with our patients and their healthcare providers to provide the most accurate information so that the patient’s treating physicians can make the absolute best real-time healthcare decision for each patient. Pharmazam is a non-diagnostic medical company, we do not diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe medications to our patients. All patient information is covered under HIPAA and all federal and state laws, guidelines and regulations apply.