COVID-19 Meds Can React with Your Existing Meds, Causing Dangerous Conflicts!

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Medication issues are responsible for over 100,000 DEATHS AND HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS each year.

We know that a person’s DNA plays a significant role in the way their body reacts to medication”


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My 10 year old has ADHD and a heart condition. I am always worried about his changing medications causing a potential adverse drug reaction. The Pharmazam test safeguards his health and gives me peace of mind.”

- LAUREN, Tampa, FL

Eliminate "Trial and Error" Prescribing

Pharmazam enables doctors to get it right the first time by selecting the most effective option available.
This can help in avoiding critical side effects or even death for a patient.

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Pharmazam is a real-time personalized healthcare management system that can also deliver real-time emergency alerts such as information on pandemics or other healthcare issues

Pharmazam Also Helps Your Physician Determine Your Chances of getting over 4400 different diseases that have been tied to genetic anomalies and can be taken by anyone over 6 weeks old.

A baby cannot talk, but their genetics can!

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